By: Gregory James Stamp

Valuable Tips For First-Time Condo Buyers

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First-time condo buyers are often overwhelmed with all the steps they have to take and what they should and shouldn’t do when they decide to enter the real estate market as buyers. First of all, there is the mortgage procedure, adjusting the budget to their needs and wants, the down payment and many other minor and major decisions. When buyers finally determine their price range and make up ...Read More

By: Gregory James Stamp

What Homebuyers Should And Shouldn’t Do Before They Buy A Home

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One of homebuyers’ first concerns when looking for a home is the financial aspect and whether they will be able to afford the desired mortgage amount or not and what to do if they don’t qualify for enough to buy a home that covers their needs. The uncertainty has even become bigger since the new mortgage stress tests have been in place. Jumping into the cold water without a plan often ...Read More

By: Gregory James Stamp

Buying A Recreational Property? Here Is What You Need To Know

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Haliburton is known for its many beautiful lakes and rivers and the natural and peaceful surrounding, so it’s no wonder it’s known as a great getaway destination. Featuring many recreational and waterfront properties/cottages, it attracts many real estate buyers and investors. If you are also looking for a second property surrounded by water, mountains and a lot of green, you should ch...Read More

By: Gregory James Stamp

Costly Mistakes Sellers Make

Tags: Seller mistakes, preparing your home for sale

Spring and summer are very busy seasons in the real estate market, and if you've decided to put your home on the market to take advantage of the big pool of buyers this time of year, you should make sure to take all steps to maximize the price on your home. Sellers are often unaware of how much they actually could get in the sale if it weren’t for the mistakes they tend to make repeatedl...Read More

By: Gregory James Stamp

Which Features Are Buyers Looking For In A Home?

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We reached a time where millennials comprise the majority of homebuyers, and they mostly pursue a functional home in minimalistic style. If you are a seller in today’s market, you should pay attention to certain features and trends that sell a home quicker and at a better price. Those are: Location A desirable location has always been an important asset for homebuyers when looking for a hom...Read More